Sarajevo, Bosnia from the Drone

I actually had a bit of trouble flying the drone over Sarajevo. Not sure why but there was so much interference over the city that the drone struggled to maintain a connection.

Was it the electric tram lines, or some sort of protective shield over the formerly besieged city? Who knows.

Sarajevo Old and New together:


Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque in Sarajevo’s Old Town:


Just outside of Sarajevo, I took some drone footage of the former Olympic bobsled run, which is now a ruin:


How to Block Someone on Facebook from your iPhone

I find myself explaining this to people, and the top results from Google on how to do it are out of date.

Step One: Find the Person You Want to Block

Use the search bar on the top of Facebook and type in their name:



Step Two: Select the “More” Button on Their Profile


Step Three: Choose “Block”


and there you are. Sorry, Jan, it’s still not happening.