My Favorite Posts on Adam Honig Dot Com

20140722-081651-29811094.jpgWelcome to my personal blog, which it seems I’ve been keeping since 2008. Looking back on it, I’d say it’s mostly a collection of random thoughts, experiments, reminders to myself and a time capsule of sorts. (Unfortunately since I deleted my ancient Flickr account, there are a lot of missing images. One day I’ll correct those.)

Anyhow, here are my favorite of these posts:


Adam Honig ~ who is that? – A quick look at who some of the other famous Adam Honig’s are out there in the world.

My Drone is in San Francisco Bay – The sad tale of a drone gone to the bottom of the water.

Childhood Nemesis Wants To Be Friends on Facebook – True story of how that kid from my neighborhood growing up many years later reached out to me.

Top 20 Songs of the 00’s – I’m into music and from 2004 to 2010 especially. Here is my rundown of my favorite tracks.

Alan Honig is a Spammer – Many years after my father’s death, his friends and co-workers continue to receive email offers from him suggesting they buy time-shares or various pharmaceutical products. This post was there to educate them how this can possibly happen.

An Irreverent Haggadah – Being unsatisfied with the regular Passover Haggadah, I wrote a new version which is (somewhat) funny, and will take you no more than 15 minutes to complete your seder.

My Ancestors From Shanghai – I found out that my relatives somehow lived there too…


Roman Colosseum As Seen By My Drone (and other amazing photos of Rome) – It took a lot of nerve to fly the drone over one of the ancient wonders of the world, but I did it.

My Piece of the Berlin Wall – How I found myself in Berlin in 1989 as the wall came down…

Shanghai Museum Day Photos – A bunch of photos from touring around the sights of the major museums in Shanghai.

Drone Photos of Florence, Italy – The view of the amazingly beautiful renaissance city from my drone flying above.

Adam at the Great Wall – Definitely a highlight of my trip to China. It was 100 degrees in the shade, and there was no shade.

Technology & Work Related

15 Signs You’re Too Into Salesforce – BuzzFeed style post illustrating the methods that you can tell if your friend is just a little to focused on SFDC.

DroneForce™: Lead Delivery Via Drone, The Best Way To Ensure Lead Follow-Up – My 2014 April Fool’s Day blog where I announced a great new feature for your CRM application: DroneForce, the drone delivery of leads.

Why I Left Cloud Sherpas – Not an April Fool’s Day post, but the true story of why I decided to move on from the company that bought my third start-up, Innoveer Solutions.

Confessions of an Organic Twitter Bot Maker – Do I really need to say more?

Family Remembrances 

Remembering Alan Honig, 1942 – 2002 – Thoughts and memories of my father on a Father’s Day long after his death.

Celia Honig, 1944 – 2010 – Biography and obituary of my Mom who died about 30 years too young.

Geraldine Newman, 1919 – 2012 – My thoughts on comments on the passing of my maternal Grandmother who died “of complications resulting from being 92”.