Thanks, Michael!

Michael Selbst

Well, despite all the newspaper accounts of how difficult it is out there in the real estate market, I am pleased to report that my recent sale went extremely smoothly and at a good price.

No doubt location was important but I think that my real estate agent, Michael Selbst, also did a great job in facilitating the process.

Michael went about selling my condo as if it was his own. He re-arranged the furniture to make the layout of the apartment more appealing, put up drapes, arranged for painting to be done in the bathroom, fixed some small carpentry issues.. and that was all before it officially went on the market.

He aggressively sent out many postcards with beautiful photos of my condo (which he took himself), engaged with people from all over the world (literally) who were interested and ultimately made the deal happen. Once we had an accepted offer, of course there were a few little issues that needed to be fixed around the unit and Michael both helped me fix them (and just fixed them himself) but also cordinated with my condo association, etc., to make sure everything went well.

Which it did.

So, for all three of you who visit Adam Honig Dot Com, if you’re looking for a real estate agent — you know who to call.