From Oz to Dad


I found myself near Victoria Station in London at the end of the work day, and saw that Wicked was playing nearby. With nothing really else to do that evening, I decided to see the show. I enjoyed the book, but couldn’t help feeling that the premise was better than the delivery. But I heard good things about the play — and it was a musical ‘sensation’ — so I took it in.

It too suffered from a good setup but the jokes weren’t really worked to its fullest potential. Instead the story was focused on how the ugly, allegedly evil, witch was actually quite misunderstood, actually good and pretty in a green sort of way. (What we now know as a witch’s hat was a gift.) I guess the moral of the story for the young girls in the audience was that they should be happy being themselves.

Of course the girls in the audience sung along mostly with Glenda’s songs, like Popular:

Anyhow, after the show the song that really stock in my head was the America song Tin Man with the lyrics:

But oz never did give nothing to the tin man
That he didnt, didnt already have
And cause never was the reason for the evening
Or the tropic of sir galahad.

Now, I can’t really tell you what that is all about, but it did remind me that along with Flim & the BB’s and the Gypsy Kings, America was a band that my Dad actually liked. And especially A Horse With No Name. So this one goes out for my old man: