The God Delusion


I was a bit hesitant to read this book because I already am convinced that every thing that exists in the universe is (or will be) capable of being described by the physical sciences.  If you want to call this position philosophical materialism, then so be it.

And the first parts of the book were a bit of a rehash — like, the ontological proof doesn’t really work?  Now that’s a surprise!  Jeez.

Dawkins did raise my consciousness (his stated objective) in a few areas.  One of them was  what he calls the “poverty of agnosticism”.  Another by simply pointing out the total absurdity that believing in a personal god brings to the equation.

One really interesting point he makes about the belief in god is that in this case it disproves the old axiom about “sticks and stones” being the only things that can hurt you.  Belief in a god that punishes people for “unnatural” acts by an eternity in a fiery hell certainly has caused a lot of hurt.

I wasn’t so convinced by his arguments against religion, and found his arguments to really only apply to Christianity,  Islam and Orthodox Judaism.

However, it really is a great book and certainly an excellent overview on a very important topic.