It’s Obama Time

ObamaEnIt’s official, Adamhonig Dot Com officially endorses Barak Obama and hopes that you will vote for him on November 4th. Officially.

Originally I thought John McCain was a decent guy and during the primaries was the only Republican in the race that I would have considered voting for. He seemed to be principled, knowledgeable and generally responsible. During the presidential campaign, he showed himself to be anything but that. How? Do I need to say, “Sarah Palin”? Or how he ran a campaign directly out of the Karl Rove playbook?

I was originally a bit cool to Obama. I would have preferred a governor or someone with real executive experience. Running the show somewhere is different than being a lawyer or legislator. However, Obama’s calm confidence, his ability to quickly master issues and articulate appropriate responses to them made me feel like he can be an excellent president.

Obama has said a few things that I’d like him to be careful about — mostly about his wavering support for free trade — but overall the positions that he took during the campaign were very much what I think the country needs.

As the presidential campaign wore on, I have become more and more an Obama supporter. He has made his case effectively and perhaps the contrast with McCain’s bumbling and “grouchy old man” act has made it clearer that he is far the superior choice.

Oh, but don’t listen to me. Listen to The Economist. And Vote!