New Albums I’m Into – Port O’Brien, Rumble Strips & Q-Tip

While I should probably be listening to the various Obama playlists (see below) I have been digging some new albums.  First off Port O’Brien’s All We Could Do Was Sing.  I’m not really up on the back story, but I gather that this band’s background was in fishing before getting into indie rock.  Anyhow, besides lots of nautical and fishing metaphors, the album is very catchy.  I particularly like the up-tempo songs I Woke Up Today and Close the Lid, but there are quite a few more lyrical slow songs that are quite beautiful.  This album isn’t for everyone — sometimes the band gets so excited they are sort of shouting and that seems to turn some people off.
The Rumble Strips’ Girls and Weather is another album that has been dominating my iPod recently.  Pitchfork said that they “have the Dexys Midnight Runners-revival field all to themselves” .  Wow! I wish someone said that about me.  The album has lots of horns, short punchy songs about topics like wishing for a motorcycle, or wanting to sleep through your alarm clock.  My favorite is Girls and Boys in Love.
In a change of pace, I recently picked up Q-Tip‘s new album, The Renaissance and while I have only listened to it a few times, I am thinking it a keeper.