My Top Albums of 2008

It was a great year for music. So many new albums, it’s hard to narrow it down to my faves for the year, but here it is:

Vampire Weekend / Vampire Weekend — when I first hear this album, it sounded really cheesy to me, but it has grown quite a bit on me.
Sugarland / Love On The Inside – I know that technically they’re considered “country”, but the more “country” I listen to the less I understand what that actually is. And they’re is a cover of “Life In A Northern Town” on the album.

Port O’Brien / All We Could Do Is Sing – for a while I thought this was going to be the album of the year, but while five of the songs are great, I’m not so sure about the others.

The Kooks / Konk – catchy Brit-pop; a mix of soft and hard, acoustic and electric. Not one bad song on the album, so no wonder why Pitchfork hated it.

Hot Chip / Made In The Dark – I just couldn’t get enough of these guys in 2008. Great simple lyrics, awesome sound and tons of repetition.
I still owe Hum that CD with the “best songs of 2008”… when I sort that out I will let you know.
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