Adam Honig's Facebook ProfileOK – let me be the first to say “duh!”, but Facebook is pretty good.

Dispte trying to be up on new technology things, it’s been a phenomenon that I’ve staying away from mostly because of this notion that it was like MySpace — filled with kids and non-interesting content. Nol sent me an email suggesting I join because he had just reconnected with a bunch of people from our childhood summer camp. And Alex Grossman had been inviting me to the site for years it seems.

Anyhow, it really has been fun to reconnect with people from high school and Cornell that I haven’t been in touch with in many years. It seems that some people are more into it than others — sending all these strange gift and snowball requests — but why not? It can be fun to be connected in a society that seems to isolate people.

What really amazes me about it is this idea of feeling much more connected to people through Facebook than through email or other on-line mechanism. Perhaps it’s the pictures, or the sense that you get for what people are doing during their days, or the mix of stuff.

There are definately enough employees, customers and prospects on Facebook for it to supplant LinkedIn for business connections. I like LinkedIn, but it’s not really that compelling. It’s useful.


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