Navi Mumbai Can Kick It

Now on my fourth visit to Navi Mumbai, I have to say that I was quite impressed with the growth and organization that I saw there. After hearing stories about Dubai’s cranes being idled, and with construction pretty much stopped in New England, the building seems to be going on quite well in the new city built across the creek from old Bombay.

In the video above, you get a view of Navi Mumbai from the open side of an auto rickshaw. And it seemed much more orderly since my last trip. Or perhaps I am better accustom to what I’m seeing. We were traveling back to our hotel near the Vashi train station when I took the footage. Clearly you can see the sidewalks, the nice apartment buildings, the greenery (somewhat wilted from the 98 degree temperatures), nicely parked cars and even — first time for me in India — a pedestrian crosswalk.

Oh sure, it has a while to catch up with Santa Monica, but where doesn’t?

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