Pulp Tunes

icon_and_title I just downloaded and installed pulpTunes on my home server, and it just worked, as advertised.

Basically I now have created an on-line version of my iTunes, that I (or you) can play from any browser. And it has some other cool features, like I can post a link to a song that I’m wanting to share, like Franz Ferdinand’s Katherine Kiss Me. (That link should go to the song from my server running pulpTunes.) Or I can post a link to my Top Rated Songs of 2009. If you right click on a song, pulpTunes even gives you the option to download it. But of course you really shouldn’t.

I am happy about this, but I can see how Comcast, my ISP, may not be… Let me know how it works for both of you who read this.

[Update: This is no longer running on my home server.]


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