Dr Arun Rao and The Wright Center on Aging

1c88508Now you may not be in the market for a geriatrician, but if you are, I strongly recommend Dr Arun Rao of the The Irving S. Wright Center on Aging. (The Wright Center is affiliated with Cornell Medical of New York.)

Over the years we have the need to work with many different doctors and medical groups dealing with Mom’s Lewis Body Disease. Dr Rao and his team provided exemplary service — they even made house calls to visit Mom after it became a major trauma for her to leave her apartment.

Not everything he recommended worked — anyone need a Lazy-Boy chair? — but he was constantly trying, open minded to our concerns, and very responsive to our needs. It’s been a difficult time, and Dr Rao and the team have been a big support.

[Update: Dr Rao is now a Primary Care Physician, LIFE St. Mary at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, PA. Still highly recommended.]