Walker Art Center

Kathy Butterly, 2004 from the “Dirt on Delight” show

Thanks to a meeting that fell through, I had a few hours to myself in Minneapolis today. (I was in town to give a talk to the CRM Association of Minnesota) So, I had a quick visit to the Walker Art Center, whose mission is to be “a catalyst for the creative expression of artists and the active engagement of audiences”. Pretty cool.

Unfortunately they were in the middle of setting up new exhibits, so half of their galleries were closed, but some were open and they let me in for free. Two shows that I really enjoyed were Elemental, which displayed Minimalist art from their collection and Dirt on Delight: Impulses That Form Clay. Both were very abstract, which I love and displayed in starkly bright white galleries which made the colors and textures of the clay pieces pop. Minimalist art is usually a tough love for me, but the colors and playfulness of the art really were working. Here is a publicity photo from the exhibition:

(photo by Cameron Wittig)

Always a good day when you can combine modern art and CRM.


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