Songs of the Decade

There have been quite a few lists published so far of the best albums of the 2000’s. (Would I say “of the aughts”?) For example, Amazon rates Radiohead’s Kid A as #1 of the decade. (Here is a link to their full list.)

I find it hard enough to figure out which are my favorite songs of the year, let along the whole decade, so I think this may be a project that will take a while.


In the meanwhile, I am enjoying the new They Might Be GiantsHere Comes Science. I guess this is a kiddy album designed to make sure that M’bar doesn’t grow up to be Sarah Palin, but it’s as catchy as heck, and has such great lyrics:

The sun is a mass of incandescent gas
A gigantic nuclear furnace
Where hydrogen is built into helium
At a temperature of millions of degreesYo ho, it’s hot, the sun is not
A place where we could live
But here on earth there’d be no life
Without the light it gives

That’s from Why Does the Sun Shine, and if you can’t really picture those lyrics being sung, here is the video. Check it out even if you don’t have kids.