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Scattering the Ashes

Adam Honig and Nol Honig scattering the ashes

Back in 2003, while I was in India and Nol was in Los Angles, Mom decided to bury Dad’s ashes in the backyard of our family home in Wincoma, Huntington, NY. Dad loved the house and was immensely proud of his efforts to fix it up. Perhaps that’s why Mom was so moved.

It was also a curious plan because since she was moving out of the house and into Manhattan in the next few days. Somehow it seemed like she was leaving Dad behind, but whatever, I wasn’t consulted on this plan.

The house that one grows up in is always a special place, even after becoming an adult and your parents no longer lives there. So when Nol went back to visit the house in 2006, he was shocked to find it was knocked down and a new house being built. He left a note inquiring about Dad’s ashes but never heard back. I visited (with Nol and Veronica) in 2008 and found the house to be still under construction and it had a bit of a derelict look.

So, when we were talking about where to scatter Mom’s ashes, we thought the best option was with Dad… if the house was still under construction. After the memorial, we drive by and did in fact leave some of Mom where we thought Dad was located. She would have liked that.