Hairdresser on Fire

Now that Izzy is turning four months and over her Lady Gaga phase, life seems to be getting a bit easier and returning a bit more to normal. I even finished The Economist this week without flying on an airplane.
Besides being in babyland, I have to say that there have been quite a few new albums out that have caught my attention. LCD Soundsystem‘s This Is Happening is clearly one of them. The title seems to be the line from the movie Almost Famous, but the record is very solid, perhaps even better than Sound of Silver.
James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem obviously didn’t have enough to do when he was creating This Is Happening, so he produced the debut album by Free Energy, Stuck On Nothing. It doesn’t sound like LCD at all, more of a “a lighthearted, upbeat throwback to 70’s-style pop-rock”. A good summer album.
The new Jack Johnson record To The Sea is also getting a lot of airtime in my house. While not exactly Pitchfork material, the new album is very much pre-enjoyed but a bit more snappier than his previous work.
At first, I wasn’t really that excited about The New Pornographers‘ new release Together. The band always seems to have such promise, but never quite reaches it. But yet, as tracks from Together come up on the mix, I find myself saying “who is this again?” and being drawn into them. Not a rave review yet, but perhaps by end of summer…