Joke, Long Form

Alan Honig is a Spammer

Alan Honig is a spammerThe truth was going to come out sooner or later. I guess I was just hoping for much later.

Having consulted extensively with the famous psychic John Holland, we have concluded definitively that my father is sending spam out from the great beyond.

“In talking with Alan, at first he thought it would be funny to send out emails advertising Canadian pharmacies, cut-rate mortgages and subscriptions to little known magazines,” said Holland.

“But then he realized it would have certain side benefits like reminding people of his former existence.  Plus, the money was pretty good.”

Holland told me that Dad has no plans on getting into the Nigerian bank account scams but that he was considering expanding to Twitter.

Now you know.

Alan and Nol laughing

For all of you who are getting spooked by emails from Dad’s email account it does seem like his account was compromised and is now being used to send out spam.

At the same time, it is very east to send out an email that looks like it is is coming from any email account! This is called email spoofing and because of the technical structure of email, what you see as the sender’s address is never verified by your email account.  Thus I could send you email that appears to come from or or whatever.

I actually get spam email that comes from my own email account!

I don’t even know what party this photo of Dad and Mom is from.

I don’t even know what party this photo of Dad and Mom is from.

Anyhow, Nol and I tried to log into his email account and delete it, but we had no luck.  I guess we could send Yahoo a copy of his death certificate and hope that they would delete his account, but my suspicion is that this wouldn’t stop you from getting emails from him anyhow because of the spoofing option mentioned above.

So, if you knew my Dad, you knew he enjoyed a good joke. Don’t get spooked, just laugh with him.