Jackie Lynn Jennings Lives (also known as Selila Honig or Selila Xi)

From time to time I get an email that goes along the lines of “what ever happened to that crazy ex-wife of yours”.

selila honig at podium

An anonymous source sent me a link to a bunch of photos of her.  It turns out that she is seemingly alive and well, living under the name Selila Honig, and is “Associate Faculty” at Corcoran College of Art & Design.  There she is, speaking at their commencement program recently.

UPDATE: Now that Corcoran has closed down and become part of George Washington University, it appears that she is the “Director of Institutional Research and Assessment/Adjunct Faculty” there. Let me know if you know what that mens.

So for those of you who knew her as Jaclyn Honig, her health seems to be fine, although I have credible reports telling me that she is rolling out the old “I have cancer and MS” story. Somehow all the “MS treatments” she has been taking triggered her cancer to return. For like the 5th time.

As Peter put it so well, “It is somehow strangely disappointing that she is recycling the same lies. Kind of like seeing a stand up comedian who was really funny use the same material a few years later.”

jaclyn honig at graduation

Anyhow, enjoy the pictures: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=selila%20honig

For those of you who might be interested in knowing how we know she is almost certainly lying about her health, feel free to drop me an email: ach@adamhonig.com

UPDATE: for those of you into Instagram, feel free to follow here her: https://www.instagram.com/selila.xi/


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