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15 Signs You’re Too Into Salesforce

I’m a big fan of  My company, Cloud Sherpas, is one of its biggest partners, sporting over 260 Salesforce-certified consultants (and we’re looking for many, many more — see our job listings). Plus we’re tops in customer satisfaction and a platinum-level partner on three continents.

But we’ve noticed a few signs that some of our friends, colleagues and associates in the greater “Salesforce ecosystem” might be a bit too into

How can you tell? With help from my colleagues at Cloud Sherpas — and a nod to BuzzFeed — here are 15 top warning signs:

1. Your Facebook picture is you and SaaSy or Chatty

J Nicole Alford

(Looking good, J Nicole Alford!)

2. You name your new child Summer 13

summer 13

3. You complain about “how they’ve made the DEV401 exam too easy”

(OR you complain that “the dev exam has too many questions the same as admin” and you really wish they had made it harder)


dev 401 questions

4. You only communicate with your family on Chatter

mom looking at opportunities

5. You insist that all meetings start with an intro from

lets get this forecast meeting started right

6. Speaking of, you’re still raving about Salesforce’s Super Bowl ad from 2011

7. Your friends are tired of hearing how many tequila shots you did with “Frank”


8. You’ve DVR’d all of Marc’s appearances on Mad Moneythis is going to be amazing jim

9. You’ve been overheard at a bar arguing about governor limits or the benefits of multi-tenancy

private cloud

10. You plan your vacation each year in San Francisco just in time for Dreamforce

dreamforce vacation

11. “Amazing” is your favorite word


12. You hang out at One Market hoping to run into Salesforce execs

salesfoce executives

13. You haven’t been grocery shopping for a month because you have eaten breakfast, lunch and dinner on customer tour

eat at customer tour

14. Everything, everything seems to be about Salesforce or their products

wiped data from data dot com

15. You write a blog post about being too into Salesforce

write a blog post about being too into Salesforce

and a late breaking sign via Steven Herod:

16. You create memes like this

doesnt run unit tests

(Many thanks to Mary Youngs, Misty Sutton, Michael Thomas, Rob Morris and Minesh Patel for their help on this.)

If you have more “signs” please let me know!


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