Where Did I Go in 2013?

Where did Adam go in 2013

According to my records, and those of TripIt, I traveled 118 days this year, not quite the 120 that I was expecting. This is down from the crazy travel years of 2005, 2006 when I would routinely hit 200 days. (Barring a major emergency, I’m done traveling for the year.)

I wish that TripIt would use all the data that they have on my travels to create an interesting document the way that Dopplr used to. (Dopplr, by the way just seemed to stop at some point. No explanation given.)

Travel stats

If you believe the miles traveled figure from TripIt, I traveled an average of 32 miles per hour this year.

Top places visited in 2013 were London and New York — as always — and Philadelphia. For the first time in a while, I went West quite a bit with four trips to San Francisco and two to southern California.. While I didn’t make it to Rochester, NY this year, I manage to visit Harrisburg, PA twice.

My prediction is that 2014 is going to see me traveling quite a bit less.


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