It’s Here: Flying the DJI Phantom Vision+ Drone

Wow, that was fun. We — myself, my friend Ward and our four kids — took the brand new DJI Phantom Vision+ out to the nearby park and flew it around for about twenty minutes. The kids were so excited by it, and basically ran all around the park to follow it.

A few quick observations. Perhaps Star Wars is just on the brain, but the white plastic design of the drone, plus the lawn-mower like sound it makes, really reminded me of something from Lucas’ original masterpiece. And that lawn-mower sound is loud! I was thinking perhaps I would take it to Nol’s wedding and shoot the ceremony from above, but no way.

Flying the drone was so much easier than the quadcopter I shot the DroneForce video with. Not easy enough to let 5 year old Lorenzo fly it, but easy enough that neither Ward nor I crashed into anything, except the ground on landing a bit. I had a bit of trouble getting it off the ground because I was being too cautious.

I need to spend a bit of time reading through the poorly written instruction books to learn more about the camera and how to take best advantage of it. I’m not sure the videos and images I took from these flights were quite at the highest setting.

I’m looking forward to getting the drone out on some more challenging assignments.


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