China Trip Countdown: One Month To Go

Heading off to China Soon

I realized yesterday that it’s only about a month before I take off on my solo trip to China. One of the benefits of my moving on from Cloud Sherpas was to spend some time traveling, and besides China we have a family trip to Italy planned for later in the summer.

At the same time I’m getting started with a new business, and that’s actually quite consuming. Almost all consuming! (Hopefully I have time to write up a post on what’s been going on there.)

Anyhow, I need to finalize my Chinese visa application — which is a non-trivial process — and also plan out my trip a bit more. I’m super excited about it, but also a bit intimated about doing all this travel alone in a country that my language abilities will be only somewhat better than “mute”.

I did download a cool looking app for the iPhone called Pleco which promises to translate from Mandarin to English based on some great OCR technology. My plan is to try this out in Chinatown a few times before the trip.

One of the other things I need to do is start looking for any connections that I might have in Beijing and Shanghai. Even a cup of coffee with a friend of a friend will greatly enhance the experience, I’m sure. If you have a friend in either city, let me know.


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