Beijing’s Lakes: Beihai and Houhai Photos

It was a glorious day in Beijing so I explored its “lake district” which is surprisingly pretty much next to downtown. 20140722-081926-29966051.jpgHere we have Beihai Lake. Who named these lakes “be high” and “how high?” Rastafari are everywhere!
20140722-081925-29965880.jpgHouhei Lake was a bit more serene, less tourists and more guys fishing right in front of “no fishing” signs. They seemed to be catching strange looking catfish.
20140722-081925-29965724.jpgThis is the famous “silver ingot” bridge…
20140722-081651-29811094.jpg… famous for getting your photo with a white guy! I’m not sure why but lots of folks here wanted a picture with me.
20140722-081651-29811424.jpgBeautiful post office building in a hutoung in the back area between some lakes.


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  1. our friend who had to eat the goose head also told me about the phenomenon of people wanting to take a picture with the white guy. he said the further from the big city, the more it happened to him.

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