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Shanghai Museum Day Photos

On my last day in China, it was supposed to rain all day, so I figured it would be a good day for the museums.

I went to the Shanghai Museum, which was supposed be amazingly great. Actually it was a bit of a snoozer, but there were some nice things there. Like this fun camel: 20140726-084141-31301195.jpgOt this pottery from 6000 BC:
20140726-084141-31301044.jpgThen I went to the Yuz Museum (which I read about in The Economist, of course) which featured contemporary art. Much much more my scene.
20140726-084141-31301428.jpgAirplane snakes twisted around each other (eating their own tails?). Cool.
20140726-084141-31301569.jpgUndulating mythical creatures now extinct? Oh my.
20140726-084141-31301319.jpgAnd a six foot tall hand of the Buddha? Worth the trip for sure.


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    • The museum was fantastic. We need to get you guys on TripAdvisor so more western tourists will know you’re there.

      I’ll set up an entry for the museum there, and put a link up here so the museum staff can maintain it.

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