The Spy Who Loved His iWatch

Caught a bit of the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me this morning at the gym. This must have been the first James Bond movie I saw in the theaters, and boy does it make 1977 look like a long time ago.

A few funny bits jumped out at me:

James Bond’s Smart Watch

With the Apple iWatch announcement coming up right around the corner, who was wearing an early prototype? That’s right, good old 007. In his case, a good old Seiko digital watch that somehow was able to print out (in all capital letters) messages from the M5.
photo 1

Smoking on Submarines?

Perhaps it was just an oversight on the part of the director — like the part where they were talking about the oil in Egypt — but these sailors were smoking on a British Sub. Surely that was never allowed, right?

photo 2

Analog Switches Galore!

The movie tries to make everything look so super high tech by putting lots of nobs, dials and buttons on all sorts of machines. Here we are blowing up a helicopter with the push of a button:

photo 3

I’m looking forward to seeing the rest!