John Snow was my Uber driver

Would you give this man a 5-star rating?
Would you give this man a 5-star rating?

It was one of those really strange dreams.

I was having dinner in my hometown of Huntington, NY, with a woman who worked for me in the early part of the century. We were a bit estranged in real-life, with my having fired her and all. Employment situations aside, I always really liked her and was glad to have reconnected.

Of course she needed to tell me she had terminal cancer, which put a bit of damper on the evening, but she seemed in good enough spirits.

In my dream Huntington was a maze of twisty little streets, many of them one ways. When it came to leave, and I called an Uber, John Snow had a lot of trouble finding us. In fact, we had to walk to a mutually convenient spot that just to find him.

He was apologetic about getting lost.

What was that all about?