Borrowing HBO’s Style for Spiro

I had fun making this video.

If you haven’t seen the HBO new season trailer, you should also check that out:


Flying the Drone Between South Station and One Financial

I’m working on flying the drone in urban settings to get better views of buildings in Boston. I flew between South Station and One Financial (on Atlantic Avenue) but the wind was pretty strong, and sort of freaked me out a bit, so it was a short flight.

Flying the New Drone

Boston at Sunset via my DJI Phantom Vision Two Plus
Boston at Sunset via my DJI Phantom Vision Two Plus

After receiving my replacement drone from DJI, I was every excited to get it into the air and shake off any rust that had developed by not flying it for about six weeks.

The latest version of the Phantom Vision 2+ had a few nice features like a scroll wheel attached to the remote controller to adjust the angle of the camera. And I found this in the newly redesigned user manual:

Part of the DJI Phantom Vision Two Plus Maniual

That image would have been helpful back in October when the drone went into the San Francisco Bay.

Anyhow, here’s the video of this weekend’s flights:

High Altitude Drone Flying Over Boston


Last night’s drone flying adventure was all about getting it as high up in the air as possible.

Learning to understand how the camera works on the drone is a bit tricky. When I pan or move around, controlling the drone from the ground, it seems slow and controlled… but then when I watch the video it always seems too short and sort of jerky. I’m working on that.

If you live in the Boston area and are interested in renting a DJI Phantom 2+, let me know. Or if you want a drone to deliver leads to your sales team, I know the place to go.

Boston Drone Ahoy!

This was the drone I was looking for.

You might recall that I smacked my drone into the house before I went to China. Well, it’s back from the shop and out and flying around in Boston. Well, mostly the two blocks in Boston around my house. In a big park where I couldn’t hurt anyone or the drone.

Anyhow, here are some fun videos I pulled together of the most recent flights:

Drones Come Back from adamhonig on Vimeo.

If you’re a friend of mine, let’s make a date to take the drone around where you live! If you’re interested in renting a drone, let me know too. And finally, if you want a drone to deliver leads to your sales team, I know the place to go.

How Do Apps Build Rapport With You?

“Tell me about your relationship with your mother.”

Had a chance to watch the movie Her again recently. It’s a quirky movie, and frankly a bit slow in spots, but I find the portrait of future technology inspiring. So inspiring, actually that I left my job to start a company trying to apply some its principals.

I love the scene from Her when Theodore installs the new “OS” that he will eventually fall in love with:


During the course of setting up the new OS, it needs to know:

  1. Are you social, or antisocial?
  2. Would you like your OS to have a male or female voice?
  3. How would you describe your relationship with your mother?

Of course the OS then goes on to cut him off as Theodore gives somewhat rambling answers to these questions.

It’s an amusing clip, but it also brings to mind an interesting question: when is the last time a software application tried to build rapport with you? Surely with all of these apps that have access to your Facebook data, some of them would start randomly chatting me up about the Knicks or the new St Vincent album.

One day, they surely will.

It Was Always Going To Happen

After flying my new drone a few times, I felt like “OK — I got this”, and decided to fly it in my rather small backyard instead of the spacious public parks nearby.

Unfortunately, the wind picked up, and I rather inelegantly smacked it into the house! It’s out for repairs, and probably won’t be back until after China. Bummer. So much for my plans to start a drone rental business.

Here’s my last recorded flight:

Third Drone Flight from adamhonig on Vimeo.