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Adam Honig ~ who are they?

adam honig with flagLong time reader of Adam Honig Dot Com, Joe Pirzynski of Los Gatos, recently emailed me to say:

“I’ve noticed recently that when people search for Adam Honig on Google, they get quite a few results now. And some of them are not you. Can you help us sort out which Adam Honig is which?”

Well, Joe, thanks for the question. There do seem to be a few prominent people named Adam Honig out there, but to the best of my knowledge, no one has really put together a helpful guide to which Adam Honig is the one that you’re looking for.

Since you’re reading Adam Honig Dot Com, I can only assume that you are familiar with this Adam Honig. If you’re not, you can look at my LinkedIn profile, read my blog on important matters relating to CRM, view my Twitter account, see some photos of mine on Flickr or pursue the pages of Adam Honig Dot Com. You’ll get the idea. And that’s me in the photo above.

So onto other prominent guys named Adam Honig:

Adam D Honig

Adam Honig, Assistant Professor of Economics at Amherst College ~ his work seems very focused around currency matters. He teaches some undergraduate courses, including Introduction to Economics, and he writes technical economics papers like “Political Monetary Cycles and a de facto Ranking of Central Bank Independence”. With a name like Adam Honig, I’m sure he’s an interesting guy, but I’ve never met him…

ah horace greely

Adam Honig, basketball star of Horace Greeley High School and now Dickinson College ~ here is what the one newspaper had to say about him:

The 2010 Horace Greeley High graduate has entered a small-school, liberal arts environment without having the pressures or privileges of a Division-I or Division-II athlete. If he continues to work as hard as he has the past few summers, Honig sees an opportunity to carve his own legacy on the hardwood.

Looks to the casual observer that Honig is having an impact on the Dickinson team, as they made it to the finals of the Centennial Conference men’s basketball tournament. We’ll keep you updated on Honig here.


Adam Honig, a sales and marketing executive, in the sports and media industry. Adam first came to my attention via New York Times when they ran a short article about his marriage to Monika Halarewicz, which was last May. Congratulations!

The NY Times said that Honig “works in New York as the director of sports advertising sales at PVI Virtual Media Services in Lawrenceville, N.J. PVI is a unit of Cablevision that provides digital media to sports and entertainment programs. He graduated from Syracuse and received an M.B.A. from Seton Hall.”  Perhaps he and the basketball star Adam Honig can do some business together. Adam was kind enough to send me a LinkedIn request, which I accepted despite the fact that we’ve never met.

There do seem to be some other Adam Honig characters kicking around, but they don’t seem quite as interesting. A guy named Adam Honig manages an Italian restaurant in New York. Another Adam Honig has broken out of the New York orbit and has some sort of construction business in Florida.

So if you’re Adam Honig, or know an Adam Honig and want them to be listed here, just let me know.


M'bar and I wearing our NY Knicks shirts

Adam Honig Dot Com has a new look.

Over the past year or so my personal blog has changed from a “550 word dissertation on some topic I find interesting (mostly about music, the NY Knicks or travel)” to a “here’s a quick photo that I took (or find interesting), mix on, or funny video” sort of site. And the new design reflects this.

I’m no longer auto-incorporating my tweets into the site because they just look dumb and out of context, but I have added a button you can “like” the site via Facebook:

Have a great new years and a legendary 2011!