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Why I Left Cloud Sherpas

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For Personal Reasons

Let’s get this out of the way right up front: This blog post isn’t going to be a Why Am I Leaving Goldman-style indictment of Cloud Sherpas. I wish the company well, and as a shareholder in Cloud Sherpas, I’m expecting it to continue to dominate the Cloud Services Brokerage market.

To my friends and former colleagues at Innoveer and later, Cloud Sherpas: Thank you for your support over the years; you guys are the best. After I lead Innoveer Solutions through its many incarnations since 1998, we ultimately sold  the business to Cloud Sherpas to help create  the best CRM and salesforce.com consulting firm that’s out there. You’re the reason why we achieved this. Thank you.

I’d also like to especially thank our customers, notably Unum, New York Life Insurance Company, Panasonic Corporation, Charles Schwab Corporation, as well as many, many others that I’m not allowed to name. Besides working closely with the team, you guys were the reason that made my time at Innoveer / Cloud Sherpas so enjoyable.

But Enough About You

My departure from Cloud Sherpas was triggered by my desire to start a new venture. Having gone through the start-up cycle three times now, you could say it’s in my blood. And as I continue to survey the technology landscape, I’m more excited than ever, because just in the past four years alone, the market has been changing at a faster pace than ever.

Why found a startup now? Some might argue that the large technology firms are stifling competition and squeezing out smaller firms. But in my opinion, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Look at the number of firms that have launched in just the past few years. Look at the number of IPOs happening in the tech sector.

All of the signs are clear: This is a great time to launch a new a start-up.

What’s The Opportunity?

Perhaps I indulged in too many viewings of the movie Her, but I am clearly seeing a trend in today’s consumer apps that touches on both personalization and app agency. Apps such as Google Now, FitBit and even OptmizeMe give people real-time intelligence and guidance on their day-to-day-lives in a way that wasn’t possible even a few years ago.

But when it comes to bringing better information to bear on people’s lives, who is doing this in the business world, and for business applications? Very, very few people.

This new opportunity aside, however, perhaps I’ll instead wind-up starting a business managing the fleet of drones that will soon be delivering sales leads across the world. Or overseeing drones that deliver 3d printers. Or pizza. I don’t know — stay tuned.

And If you’re interested in hearing more, watch this space, or reach out to me directly: ach@adamhonig.com.

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Adam Honig has founded three successful and award winning start-ups to date, is a featured blogger and speaker on a variety of CRM, sales and technology topics, enjoys photography, skiing and alternative rock. For reasons — to be discussed later — he is fan of both the Red Sox and the Knicks, and he enjoys a good April Fool’s Day post.

Post and thumbnail photos courtesy of Flickr user Alessandra Gorlero.

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How To Use Salesforce.com With Your Google Glass

You’ve seen the Glass concept videos, you’ve read the amazing hands-on reports, but how exactly is Google’s augmented reality system going to work with salesforce.com?

Google of course has a close relationship with salesforce.com, so a little digging into the code behind the Google Glass reveals some pre-built integration with some features that are frankly amazing. Thanks to a source close to the Glass project I’m excited to show you what past generations of sales people would consider magic:

1) Facial recognition of contacts

glass who is that

When properly linked together your Google Glass and salesforce.com can be used to pull up contact profiles by matching the photo stored in Salesforce with the person that you’re seeing.

2) Activity creation

As almost all sales people hate entering activities into any CRM system, Google Glass has a special feature which will watch you as you go through your various daily appointments in your Google Calendar and log the proper activities automatically in Salesforce.

The next release will have a feature to mark certain activities as “private” so they don’t get automatically created as activities, but in the meanwhile be mindful of what you’re doing while wearing Google Glass.

3) Sales coaching

For a small monthly fee, sales managers can now directly observe and record the sales calls that their teams go on. No more flying to Indianapolis for that sales call just to watch Joe Salesman pitch a client. Now sales managers can provide feedback both after the call has ended or in real time!

I’m sure as time goes on we will find many more uses for the integration between these two great products.

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Adam is a senior vice president at Cloud Sherpas, one of the world’s leading Cloud Solutions Providers.

We help businesses maximize their CRM returns by identifying desired business goals, finding the right tools and technology for the job, and delivering rapid implementations that remain focused on achieving your desired business capabilities.

(This blog was originally posted on April 1st, 2013. Happy April Fool’s Day!)