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Great Wall Photos

20140720-115126-42686883.jpgWhat an amazing experience. Right up there with visiting the Taj Mahal, the pyramids of Giza and Mt Sinai. I hired a guide to take me out to the Mutianyu section of the wall, which isn’t the closest section, but much less crowded.
20140720-115126-42686720.jpgI wasn’t expecting the climb along the wall to be so steep! It was hard going, especially in the 96 degree heat.
20140720-115126-42686553.jpgWe walked along the wall for about three hours with plenty of time to rest in the guard towers along the way. The views were spectacular.
20140720-115129-42689849.jpgthis is the chairlift we took on the way up. This section of the wall is between two mountains so it was pretty high up.
20140720-115129-42689124.jpgWhen the wall was used to protect China from the Mongol invaders, they would cut down all the trees on the fat side of the wall so they couldn’t sneak up.

20140720-115129-42689490.jpgon our way down, we took a metal “toboggan” ride down. (That’s Steven the tour guide behind me.)