Tirol, Austria As Seen from the Air

Going Am Wilden Kaiser
Wilden Kaiser
St Johann Austria from the Drone
Westward view of the farm
Eva’s Family Farm

Shanghai Markets and Acrobats

Today I headed out to visit a few market areas in Shanghai. First stop, the Yuyan Market, which was in some really nice buildings, selling all sorts of strange items:  SONY DSC SONY DSC

Later I made my way to Tianzing Feng, which was a bunch of funky shops and eating places in the back warrens of Shanghai’s (former) French Concession:


That evening I wen to see the famous Shanghai Circus World acrobats. It was an amazing show.Chinese Acrobats

Oh, and I also figured out a way to get all of the people who were hounding me on the street to go with them to a “lady bar”. Turns out all I need to do is record our conversation on my iPhone, and they run away!

%22Do I want to go to a lady bar?%22

Beijing’s Lakes: Beihai and Houhai Photos

It was a glorious day in Beijing so I explored its “lake district” which is surprisingly pretty much next to downtown. 20140722-081926-29966051.jpgHere we have Beihai Lake. Who named these lakes “be high” and “how high?” Rastafari are everywhere!
20140722-081925-29965880.jpgHouhei Lake was a bit more serene, less tourists and more guys fishing right in front of “no fishing” signs. They seemed to be catching strange looking catfish.
20140722-081925-29965724.jpgThis is the famous “silver ingot” bridge…
20140722-081651-29811094.jpg… famous for getting your photo with a white guy! I’m not sure why but lots of folks here wanted a picture with me.
20140722-081651-29811424.jpgBeautiful post office building in a hutoung in the back area between some lakes.

Lama Temple and Temple of Heaven Park Photos

20140721-090125-32485363.jpgOh, the Temple of Heaven. Who knew it was so easy to get into heaven? It was about 96 degrees in the shade that day, so it was a quick trip to the park surrounding the temple.

20140721-090125-32485683.jpgHere we see people burning incense outside the Lama Temple, which is a Tibetan Buddhist temple right in the middle of Beijing. I thought that whole Tibetan Buddhist thing was frowned upon, but I guess not!

20140721-090125-32485523.jpgThese little dragons are perched all over the former imperial buildings in Beijing. I’m strangely drawn to them.

20140721-090125-32485845.jpgHere is the outside of the Lama Temple. I — unlike the multitudes of tourists at the place — respected the signs that said “no photography” of the 25 foot tall Buddha statue inside. It was very impressive, not diminished by the sign from the Guinness Book of Worlds Records stating that they confirmed it to be carved from one singular piece of sandalwood.