WeWork: One Year Later


Team Spiro working hard at the WeWork office.

With my past companies, I’ve leased commercial space all over Boston, and after having spent a year leasing from WeWork, it’s been great. Highly recommended for any start-up.

Our primary office is in WeWork’s South Station (Boston) office, and we’re in WeWork SOMA (San Francisco) about once a month. I tend to describe the environment as “a college dorm for start-ups”. Rows and rows of glass offices filled with promising young companies.

Best Things About WeWork

As an entrepreneur, it’s super convenient and easy. No big deposit, no long-term commitment, and included furniture mean that it’s extremely capital efficient. We’ve moved offices twice as we’ve grown, and it’s been seamless.

The locations are super: right near the Moscone Center in San Francisco, and literally steps from Boston’s biggest train station in South Station. You know what they say is the most important thing in real estate? Exactly.

The offices themselves are very ‘space efficient’ which basically means that they fit a lot of people into a small amount of square feet, but somehow they don’t feel overly cramped because around 90% of the walls are glass. The glass also has a cultural impact as it reinforces corporate transparency. It also gives a buzz to the place as you see everyone working hard, even if you have no idea who they are or what they’re doing.

It's too bad for our intern, but you need to be 21 to drink beer at WeWork.

It’s too bad for our intern, but you need to be 21 to drink beer at WeWork.

WeWork promotes their “community” and social app. I’m not sure about the app, but we’ve made good connections here at WeWork but for suppliers and customers. TriNet, who provides our HR and payroll services, came through WeWork and we even received a big discount as a WeWork member.

There is always coffee and beer on tap, and almost every day some sort of event where there is free food or drinks. The team in both locations is top notch and extremely helpful. Somehow the bottle of Macallan we keep in the office to celebrate was emptied one night and they promptly replaced it.

What’s Not To Like?

My new company, Spiro Technologies, is focused on breathing new life into sales technology. We’re a bunch of extroverts. I spoke with a CEO who is temporarily in the WeWork space who is an introvert and leading a more introverted team. They weren’t quite as excited by the rah-rah attitude around here.

It can be a bit nosy, and occasionally we get into a “who can play the music louder” war, but that quickly resolves itself.

Even though we have a team office, when the guys across the hall insist on dribbling a basketball, it does seem to disturb the peace.

But — whatever! Each and everyone of the 20+ leases I’ve signed have turned in to challenges in some way. Much less headaches here in WeWork.

We’re Planning On Staying

The experience has been great for us. As we grow, I expect there to be a point where it makes sense to lease our own office space, but I’m going to try to push that out as long as possible. It’s just too easy and good here at WeWork.

Become A Legendary Salesperson

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Long Form, Tech

Why I Left Cloud Sherpas

not cloud sherpas

For Personal Reasons

Let’s get this out of the way right up front: This blog post isn’t going to be a Why Am I Leaving Goldman-style indictment of Cloud Sherpas. I wish the company well, and as a shareholder in Cloud Sherpas, I’m expecting it to continue to dominate the Cloud Services Brokerage market.

To my friends and former colleagues at Innoveer and later, Cloud Sherpas: Thank you for your support over the years; you guys are the best. After I lead Innoveer Solutions through its many incarnations since 1998, we ultimately sold  the business to Cloud Sherpas to help create  the best CRM and consulting firm that’s out there. You’re the reason why we achieved this. Thank you.

I’d also like to especially thank our customers, notably Unum, New York Life Insurance Company, Panasonic Corporation, Charles Schwab Corporation, as well as many, many others that I’m not allowed to name. Besides working closely with the team, you guys were the reason that made my time at Innoveer / Cloud Sherpas so enjoyable.

But Enough About You

My departure from Cloud Sherpas was triggered by my desire to start a new venture. Having gone through the start-up cycle three times now, you could say it’s in my blood. And as I continue to survey the technology landscape, I’m more excited than ever, because just in the past four years alone, the market has been changing at a faster pace than ever.

Why found a startup now? Some might argue that the large technology firms are stifling competition and squeezing out smaller firms. But in my opinion, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Look at the number of firms that have launched in just the past few years. Look at the number of IPOs happening in the tech sector.

All of the signs are clear: This is a great time to launch a new a start-up.

What’s The Opportunity?

Perhaps I indulged in too many viewings of the movie Her, but I am clearly seeing a trend in today’s consumer apps that touches on both personalization and app agency. Apps such as Google Now, FitBit and even OptmizeMe give people real-time intelligence and guidance on their day-to-day-lives in a way that wasn’t possible even a few years ago.

But when it comes to bringing better information to bear on people’s lives, who is doing this in the business world, and for business applications? Very, very few people.

This new opportunity aside, however, perhaps I’ll instead wind-up starting a business managing the fleet of drones that will soon be delivering sales leads across the world. Or overseeing drones that deliver 3d printers. Or pizza. I don’t know — stay tuned.

And If you’re interested in hearing more, watch this space, or reach out to me directly:

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Adam Honig has founded three successful and award winning start-ups to date, is a featured blogger and speaker on a variety of CRM, sales and technology topics, enjoys photography, skiing and alternative rock. For reasons — to be discussed later — he is fan of both the Red Sox and the Knicks, and he enjoys a good April Fool’s Day post.

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